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We are an artist led printing press, publisher and distributor of all things to do with artist books and printed matter.
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We offer the widest range of risgoraph colours in the UK printing in 20 different colours to create a variety of different printed material.

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Risograph Printing

Risography is a spot colour process meaning colours are applied separately in layers. Inks are housed individually in drums and can be used in any combination to create rich and vibrant colours and tones through overprinting.


Just like screen printing layers are printed separately. We have a two colour press and can print two colours at a time. Miss-registration is a common trait in risograph printing and can be experienced when artworks aren't properly trapped or when printing more than two colours. Miss-regitration as a characteristic is a part of the embedded charm of the risograph making up its unique aesthetic.


Risograph printing has a wide variety of applications bringing vibrancy and charm to your prints. We regularly print:
  • Booklets
  • Posters
  • Zines
  • Books
  • Flyers
  • Catalogues
  • Paper bags
  • Cassette and Vinyl covers
  • Stationary
  • Business Cards
  • Risograph Basics

    A5 Economy

    True A5 to A4

    Other important stuff

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    We deliver an extensive range of bind type for all of your publication and print needs. We offer these services both with our printing services and on their own.

    Saddle + Side Stitching

    Saddle stitching gives books the finish of a standard booklet and is commonly used for zines, small art books, comics and publications. Suitable for binds upto 64pp and can can be requested for booklets sized A5-A4.

    Spiral Bound

    With a selection of over 40 different colour spirals to choose from, Spiral or coild binding can be a great and economic way to to bind your books from A6 to A3 with spirals that can acomodate form 20pp upto 400pp books.

    Perfect Binding + Taping Spines

    Perfect binding offers a great solution to binding single sheets together. Commonly used for magazines, artists books and catalogues we can bind upto a thickness of 8.5cm having a wide variety of applications from proffesional publiscations to pads and stationery. We can also tape the spines in a variety of colours depedning on the size of your order.

    Case Binding

    There can be many solutions for covering section sewn blocks with a variety of coverings. Case binding collects sewn signatures together and binds them in a board casing which can be covered in a wide choice of materials including a tratidonal buckram, embossed paper or risograph printed cover.


    Perfect for stationery, book covers and packaging, hotfoil allows for a vairtey of metalic and spot colour foild to be pressed onto different surfcaes. We commonly uses these on business cards and case binding work as well as on flyers and Booklets. We also offer debossings services too.

    Other services

    We also offer many of our services individually such as our binding and finishing services without the need to print with us. We offer most of these at an standard flat rate per unit in small volumes 1-99, then at a standard hourly rate on orders + 100. These cover sercives such as guilotining and our many binding services. Email us to enquire about a particular services.


    We promise to get back to you as soon as possible. Thats usually within a few hours and at its longest up to 24hrs.

    Do you want something not covered by our form? Contact us here studio@ropepress.org.uk


    About Rope Press.

    Established by artists in 2013 Rope Press has been committed to its role as a leading printing press and publisher as well as being a point of distribution, art dissemination, education and venue for specialised workshops and events.

    Our Ethics.

    The values being Non for Profit organisation means that all the proceeds we make are put back into our projects, our facilities and into the growing vision of what we are as an arts organisation delivering sustainable services in the region.

    Selected Clients

    Althorpe Gallery
    An Endless Supply
    Artspace Coventry
    The Barber Institute
    Birmingham City University
    Birmingham Metropolitan College
    Birmingham Open Media, BOM
    University Of Birmingham
    Coventry University
    Division of Labour
    Eastside Projects - Extra Special People.
    Fierce Festival
    Midland Art Centre, MAC
    Mission Gallery, Oriel Mission
    University of Northampton
    One Thorsby Street
    Vivid Projects

    Our Studio


    Rope Press. / Unit 1
    Jubilee Trade Centre
    130 Pershore Street
    Birmingham UK B56ND

    Please send us an email to book a free appointment before coming by. We are open Monday - Thursday.


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